anti-AAV-8 (intact particle)  mouse monoclonal, ADK8

For characterization of different stages of infection and very useful for analysis of the AAV assembly process. ADK8 specifically reacts with intact adeno-associated virus particles, empty and full capsids. Recognizes a conformational epitope of assembled capsids. Not for use in immunoblotting.
Cat. No. 651160
Synonyms Adeno-associated virus 8; AAV8
Suitable for Dot Blots, ELISA, IF, IHC, IP, Neutralisation Assay / frozen sections
Isotype IgG2a kappa
Presentation supernatant
Clone ADK8
Host mouse
Antibody Type monoclonal
Dilution prediluted for IHC, IF
Species / Reactive with AAV-8, monkey
Quantity 5 mL
Delivery time 3 working days within Germany

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