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NEW!!! AAV-6 and AAV-9 Titration ELISA Kits - Now available!

Two of the most promising serotypes in gene therapy using adeno associated virus (AAV) are AAV-6 and AAV-9. While AAV-9 is a potent tool for the delivery of genes into the central nervous-system, AAV-6 is an ideal vector for gene transfer into heart and skeletal muscle. PROGEN now launched two new AAV Titration ELISA kits for the quantification of AAV-9 and AAV-6 particles.

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AAV Quantification ELISAs for Gene Therapy Research
Adeno associated virus (AAV) is a viral vector used in somatic gene therapy. Purification and capsid titer determination of AAV-vectors are critical steps for the assessment of correct AAV-concentrations, especially in the development of safe and effective gene therapies. PROGEN offers a unique range of AAV-titration ELISA kits that specifically recognise intact AAV particles (AAV-1, -2, -5, -8 and soon -6). These ELISA kits have earned reference standard status in gene therapy centres worldwide.

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Effective Generation of Recombinant Antibodies with Hyperphage Technology
The hyperphage technology improves antibody presentation in phage display by dramatically increasing the number of antibodies displayed per phage particle (100-fold panning efficiency). This method is an effective tool for the generation of recombinant antibodies, proteins or peptides.

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PROGEN secures BMBF funds for joint gene therapy project (Press release in German).



Laborjournal interview with PROGEN's general manager Dr. Sven Kuhlendahl about recombinant antibodies, antibody quality and trends (in German)